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Recognize your swimmer's achievements and motivate them to future success with our professional displays.  Motivational Concepts has been making products to reward the efforts of age group, high school and college swimmers for over 20 years.
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High School / College Swimming Records Boards
More options and larger sizes give you the widest selection of records boards available.  Photos included of all the different models.

Age Group Swimming Records Boards

Seven board styles to choose from in 4 different letter heights give your team multiple options and layouts to fit any team or wall space.

  From smaller 4' x 4' "walk-up" boards to huge 22' x 12'    boards, we have the display to fit your team's need.
Correct and improve your swimmer's stroke technique with the best and most effective tool available .... underwater video. Easily record and play back your swimmer's strokes so coach and athlete watch the technique (skill) together.

View all movements in detail from underwater, where it all happens, and use slow-motion or freeze-frame to high-lite what they are doing right or wrong. Correct those nagging, stubborn mistakes quickly and easily with the AquaCam.

Stroke technique is the single most important skill for a swimmer and the aspect (area) of coaching most requested and appreciated by athletes and parents. In addition, AquaCam products are easier to use and have a better warranty than any other product available.

     AquaCam Underwater Video Products

If you coach age group swimmers, this section is for you !  Over 100 articles compiled to help the coaches of younger swimmers. Whether you are a novice coach or have been doing it for years, this site has content from your peers and educators on dozens of different topics. Gain new insights on communicating, stroke technique, motivation, fundraising, team organization and many other topics.

If you are a coach that has a great idea or a neat way of doing something.....we would welcome your submission.

         Coaching Resource Page

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