Option 1 - NEW DVR recorder kit.

(For info on any of these new products please call. The web site will be updated as soon as we complete our fall/winter record board orders ... although we have pricing available for the new systems.)

New portable DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
Large 7" screen for clear, immediate playback on pool deck.

COST: $1650
plus shipping
  Clear, bright screen.
Lightweight. Portable.
640 x 480 resolution.
Optional docking station allows playback on any TV with yellow video input.
No wires to tie you down. Go from one end of the pool to another while viewing swimmers from all angles.
    Front view.
Side view.
Any angle!
Touch screen allows freeze-frame, slow-motion and many other features that allow you to show the swimmer exactly what you see.

Easily save or access multiple files with an 80 GB hard drive and an intuitive filing system.

Option 2 - Portable DVD recorder
allows the highest quality digital recording available.
This unit replaces the high-quality camcorders that are no longer available. (see notes on bottom of AquaCam home page)
  View swimmers in the small, built-in screen. One touch recording makes it extremely simple to use.

COST: $1499.
plus shipping
  Included harness and storage for battery and DVD's. Weighs less than 6 lbs.
Rechargable battery runs the unit for hours in HD quality, digital recording format.
    Save all video on DVD disks for playback later or review content on the built-in screen (see below). Uses either DVD-R or DVD-RW.
    Screen allows you to set and frame your swimmers for accurate taping and to review or play back later.
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