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Coaching Resources
This section of our web site is a free resource for age group coaches. We have compiled articles on coaching and team-building with a special emphasis on topics that may be helpful for newer coaches and those coaching ages 14 and younger. We will try to add content on a regular basis. Coaches viewing this site are welcome to submit their ideas on topics that may be of interest to newer coaches (under 3 years experience).
Content could include your thoughts on "fun practices with a purpose", "making parents happy", or "how to handle an over-crowded pool". Please e-mail us using the "Send E-Mail" link at the top of this page. We will not open attachments so please paste the text into the body of the e-mail.

Coaching Resource DataBase: (listed in no particular order)    


101 Tips for Super Swimmers  By Wayne Goldsmith and Helen Morris
A great laundry list of tips to help you swim and train better.

101 Ways to Praise Your Swimmers
A great laundry list of tips to help you swim and train better.

8-under "Tuneup" Session
  By Greg Cronauer   
A stroke technique outline sheet given to coaches of the 8-under's the week before a meet. Covers the basic techniques of all strokes, in simple language, to keep the swimmers focused and "legal".

Age Group Programs By Lee Arth
This remarkable article is a transcript of a talk by Lee Arth at the National Swim Coaches Clinic in 1973. Although this talk was given over 30 years ago his topics and ideas are ageless and are based on incredible common sense. A must read!

ASCA Panel Discussion on Motivation   Moderator Jim Montrella
Selected excerpts from a panel discussion at the ASCA World Clinic in San Diego, 1977

Practice Group Atendance Explanation
This team had no attendance requirements for any of their 7 practice levels. Read what their new coach wrote for the swimmers and their parents to explain and "sell" them on the importance of requiring attendance. (Attendance policies are a big philosophy issue with many clubs and coaches.)

Attendence Policies
What is a valid reason for missing practice? Each coach has different views. Here is a list of over 30 "excuses" to test and develop your philosophy. Coaches offer suggestions for logically and successfully "countering" these with policies and ideas that work.

Swimming Etiquette Behaviour Rules For Swimmers   By Nikki Dryden
The last work on how to swim in training and meet warm-ups

Big Little Kids    By Wayne Goldsmith
Dear Wayne, I am always being told I am small for my age. I train really hard but other kids my age seem to do less training and beat me because they are bigger than me. Is there any point in swimming any longer if I am always going to get beaten because I am so small? Signed, FRUSTRATED, 12

Coaches Manual - Core Principles
This excerpt from one team's Coaches Manual explains the directives for their coaches, based on that team's philosophy. The team can achieve more if all the coaches are on the same page.

Coaches On Coaching
This article, which is a round-table interview format with Paul Bergen, Murray Stephens and Cliff Ulman, has much good info for anyone who want to make swim coaching more than a “hobby”.

Below is a collection of articles to "stir the creative juices" where fundraising is concerned. Includes tips on making a fundraiser successful and how to sell your team on the idea.