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 Welcome to the AquaCam homepage

Underwater Video Products for Swim Teams
 Manufactured by Motivational Concept

 AquaCam-Underwater Video Products for Swim Teams
       AquaCam underwater shot with pole

  • Perhaps the best teaching and coaching tool available today!
  • Videotape your swimmers from UNDERWATER where the critical information is and play it back for both of you to see.
  • Turn "B" swimmers into "A" swimmers and Junior National qualifiers into Senior National qualifiers!
  • Never again have a swimmer miss an important cut time by a small margin because of a stroke flaw they can't seem to understand or correct.
  • The best way for coaches to analyze and fully understand their swimmers' technique is by viewing their strokes underwater.
  • The best way for swimmers to CORRECT their stroke technique is to show them exactly what they are (or are not) doing.

The AquaCam is essentially a miniature video camera sealed in a waterproof housing. It is mounted on the end of a pool brush pole and is inserted underwater to capture video of swimmers and their technique.  Two sealed twin-wires (12' long) extend from the AquaCam unit.  One is clipped to the small 12v battery (for power) and the other goes into a hand-held camcorder or a VCR for recording (see photo below).  A more detailed explanation of how it works is found further below, but the only thing coaches need to know is that it is the QUICKEST and SIMPLEST system available.

Click to view photos of new systems here ....
More options yet still the easiest to use.
Photo 1: Basic AquaCam unit
Photo 2: AquaCam connected to a camcorder
Photo 3: AquaCam Complete Kit

photo 1

AquaCam Display and Camcorder
photo 2

AquaCam Kit and Case
photo 3

        AquaCam Features:
  • Set-up and breakdown of the AquaCam takes less than one minute!
  • Faster and easier to use than any comparable product on the market today!
  • Works with any VCR or any camcorder with "analog-input" capabilities.
  • Works with any Digital camcorder that has a "video input" function.
  • Swivel head gives you maximum versatility for taping from all angles. It also allows for the best tracking shots along the side of the pool.
  • With a hand-held camcorder the unit is completely portable. Walk from one end of a 50 meter pool to the other while taping front and side views of swimmers that need correction.
  • Start/Stop capability allows you to tape only what you want. You don't have to search through an entire taped practice to find what you want.
  • Rapid charge batteries can give 2 to 3 hours of use on a charge of only 2½ hours. Each AquaCam includes one battery pack and one charger.
  • Ultra-high resolution camera unit for superior video picture quality.
  • Unmatched 3-year warranty.   
  • No AquaCam has ever leaked !
  • Basic units available in Color ....... or B/W if your team is on a budget.
  • 12 foot waterproof cable, swivel head pole-clip connector, and glare shield included.
  • AquaCam automatically adjusts for outdoor sun or low-level (indoor pool) light conditions.
  • Superior electronics housed in high-impact plastic make our product extremely durable.
  • Start seeing improvement in your swimmers' strokes in minutes (view example below).
  • Options include a 50' video extension cable for sending video to VCR on deck. This allows taping from the front and side without having to move the VCR cart. Swimmers do not have to switch lanes to be taped.

       AquaCam Complete Kit Includes:

* See notes at bottom of page regarding the kit. It will only be available as the camcorders are available. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . See NEW PRODUCTS PAGE for other portable options.

  • AquaCam unit (color) with rapid-charge batteries and charger
  • Brand new Digital camcorder with video input and an LCD screen.
  • Camcorder plays back in slow-motion and freeze frame on its own screen or onto a TV.
  • We include a "fire-wire" to send taped signal directly to computer for burning to CD or DVD and for those coaches who use computers for re-recording or high-tech digital analysis.
  • AquaCam modifies the camcorder cables for easier use by coaches and to simplify the setup.
  • Camcorder comes with its own battery and charger.
  • Extendable pool brush pole (extends from 4' to 8')
  • Aluminum carrying case with foam padding.
  • Easy instructions for set-up and use

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How AquaCam Works
How the AquaCam works

Your choice of a Color or B/W miniature camera is sealed in a durable , water-proof housing. 12 feet of waterproof twin wire lead from the unit and are split at the end into a battery clip (for power) and a video output plug.

Just clip the AquaCam onto any pool brush pole and the video lead into your hand-held camcorder (or a VCR on a cart). The operator stands on deck, holding the pole with the AquaCam at the bottom, and dunks the camera under the water when the swimmer comes by. The on/off switch on your camcorder or VCR allows you to tape only what you want, making it easy to cue up and play back for each swimmer or group.

How to use Aquacam

Please note: Some portable camcorders do not accept a "video-in" (or Analog-Input) signal. Please check your camcorder's owners manual to see if it does. If so, plugging the AquaCam into the jack may be all that is needed .... however other models may require you to flick a switch. (Look in your camcorder's owners manual for instructions on "recording from another video source", such as a VCR or TV.) AquaCam does offer a complete system that includes a camcorder with video input. (See info further down.)

All VCR's will work with the AquaCam. We sell extension video cable that allows you to place your TV or VCR away from the edge of the pool. An advantage of taping on your VCR (and full size cassette) is that it allows you to play it back on any VCR and take advantage of their features such as freeze frame and slow-motion. With the camcorder you have full portability but some digital camcorders do not offer playback in freeze frame and slow-motion. The ones we offer with our full kit DO have complete slow-motion and freeze-frame capabilities.

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AquaCam Teaches and Corrects Anything in Minutes!

 AquaCam Before and After Shots
*The video shot at left shows a novice swimmer pulling lots of air with her hand (cavitation) due to a poor entry.
*The video frame on the bottom is the same swimmer only 10 minutes later.
*The coach explained how "pulling air" makes you loose grip on the water, then showed her the video right on deck with the camcorder screen.

*The best way to see, analyze and fully understand your swimmers' technique is by viewing their strokes underwater.
*The best way to correct their technique is to show them exactly what they are (or are not) doing.
*Stop verbally reminding them over and over again with little results. Show them, in the easiest way possible, with the AquaCam.
*Change or modify stroke technique with confidence and watch your swimmers improve instantly!
  • (Full kit photo and accessories shown below)
  • ASCA discount
  • NEW...Digital Video Recorder accessory allows delayed viewing for instant feedback with no effort by coach!

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Digital Time-Delay Kit
This new product will take your AquaCam one step furthur:
* See notes at bottom of page


The Digital Time-Delay unit uses a built-in hard drive. The time-delay function is standard but the ability to use it to record is an option at additional cost.
Give instant sroke feedback to your swimmers with this kit that includes a Color AquaCam and a time-delay video unit. This state-of-the-art DIGITAL format (similar to TIVO ®) allows swimmers to see what they have just done with an adjustable video delay ! Just set the delay to allow swimmers time to climb out of the pool and walk to the TV where they will see their entire length or swim from the beginning. The adjustable mounting bracket (included) allows you to position the camera for front or side views and leave it there. The coach can stand by the TV for commentary or work with other swimmers in the pool while the time-delay does it's job for the entire practice. Your swimmers view their technique while the "feel" of their stoke is still fresh in their motor memory. They can make modifications and get immediate visual and sensory feedback on those changes right after the next swim.                        Incredibly easy to use:
  1. Clip the AquaCam into the wall mount bracket (included) an place at the side or end of a lane.
  2. Plug the AquaCam into the time-delay unit.
  3. Plug the time-delay output to a TV
  4. Set the delay you want in seconds or minutes
  5. Press START and start swimming !
Only $1399.00   (plus shipping)
Includes: Color AquaCam, Digital Time-Delay unit, 50' video extension cable, quick-clip mounting bracket and easy instructions.

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 AquaCam Pricing                Click here for the complete   ORDER FORM PAGE
AquaCam unit in B/W............$ 599.
AquaCam unit in Color ......... $ 899.
Complete Color Kit w/ Sony MC-5
     portable DVD recorder ... $ 1499.
Complete Time Delay Kit
     with Color AquaCam .......$ 1399.

Portable DVR Kit  (New)
     with Color AquaCam .......$ 1650.
Options and accessories are priced
on the order form page (link to right)
Discounts available:
ASCA members deduct $50 for B/W AquaCam, $75 for Color AquaCam and $100 for a complete kit (either one) with proof of current membership.
Additional Discount: If you submit an article to our Coaching Resources Page you make deduct an additional $25 off any of the prices. That section of our site is a free service for age group coaches, especially those with fewer than 3 years experience. Please look over it's content and see if you have anything to add.

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Make Money for Your Team with AquaCam!
 Actual Image underwater
(actual still shot taken with the Color AquaCam)

Stroke technique is a hot topic for swimmers, parents, masters, and recreational lap swimmers. Offer clinics or individual stroke sessions where you tape swimmers on videocassettes that they provide. They take them home to view or you can offer analysis for an additional fee. If purchasing for your own team just charge $5.00 per swimmer the first time they are taped to help defray the cost. Many teams have tried this with great success! The first time you tape is a new and exciting prospect for the swimmers and parents. They will gladly pay $5 for this new and exciting technique.

Offer to tape masters or rec./lap swimmers while they practice. Ten minutes of taping can give you front and side views of all their strokes and turns. They will readily pay between $15 and $30 for this. Swimmers on a budget can chip in and be recorded together. Groups of 5 to 10 can be taped easily in one lane, single file. Get 2 or 3 strokes and one turn from everyone in less than 30 minutes and charge $10 apiece for a total of $50 to $100.
Not only could the AquaCam pay for itself but it could be a successful fund-raiser for you or your club.

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* Important note about AquaCam's "Complete Kit" and "Time Delay Kit": as of 8/1/08
Although the heart of the AquaCam kits are the AquaCam video cameras themselves, it has been increasingly difficult for us to find and purchase the digital camcorders and time-delay DVR's that allow or accept an analog video input. For camcorders this is the same feature that allows you to record the output of a VCR or DVD onto the digital tape of the camcorder. For DVR's (Digital Video Recorders … like TIVO) this is what allows you to record a video input signal without paying a monthly fee.

Background camcorder info: All major manufacturers have discontinued production of camcorders with analog video input and digital video "pass-through" features. These are the same features that are still in high demand for consumers that want to transfer their old VHS tapes onto new digital tapes….. or to transfer them from the VCR, through the camcorder's "pass-through" electronics, and onto a burnable DVD. The move to all digital formats (TV, DVD's, etc.) have made that feature less important to the average consumer BUT it is still wanted by a large and select group of customers, including us.

Background DVR info: Our time-delay system used commercially available DVR's (video-on-a-hard-drive) to obtain the "pause/delay" for quick swimmer feedback on the pool deck. But the RCA Sceniums and the Panasonic units (DMR-EH75V) we had been using were discontinued and used prices have skyrocketed.

Our research has led us to find that it is a combination of the following that is hurting the ability of AquaCam to purchase equipment for the complete kits.
- Less demand by the average consumer,
- Pressure from TIVO (through multiple lawsuits against any competing DVR.) Did you know they may sell their units at cost or less to discourage competition and because their main profit is from the monthly subscription fee?
- Pressure from cable companies who are competing for that same dollar.
- Pressure from the MPAA and other concerned copyright holders who don't want high quality digital media to be transferred easily by the average person.
- And dwindling demand to transfer old VHS tapes onto digital tapes or DVD's.

What options do our customers have? Over half of our customers still use the AquaCam with their own recording device. For those that want a complete portable kit, see our new products page (click here).

Feel free to call us anytime for tips on items you can use with your AquaCam to make it more portable. Each option has its own advantages and technology changes monthly. We never looked to make a profit on the recording media. We just repackage what we purchase from local stores. Until we come up with our new kit, the best options are to use the longer cable with a 4-head VCR you bring on deck. This gives excellent slow-motion and freeze frame and you can reuse the tapes. Or you can record to a DVD with a DVD recorder. Most disks aren't reusable but costs on those are getting lower every day. You can view them "now-or-later" or give them to the swimmers.

For the time-delay feature we suggest a used TIVO unit that has been "unlocked" with a previous subscription. Or you can buy a new one cheaply and subscribe to the monthly fee ($15-$20). Check Amazon, EBay and Craigslist.

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